The electricity we carry ’round the world
it’s mainly from water.
Clean. Renewable. For everyone.

Brulli Energia

Electricity is a primary source for the development and well-being of populations and territories. Access to it is essential to reduce poverty and generate employment, and if we consider that, globally, more than a billion people do not have this possibility and more than three billion still use fossil fuels for daily activities, we can understand how energy production is crucial in terms of development and essential in terms of sustainability and improvement of the quality of life.


Since 1956 Brulli – when the goal at that time was the reconstruction of Italy, after the war – has been dealing with exactly this: over time many things have changed, but our being in the energy market reflects the values of our history. That is professionalism, passion, and responsibility, with an ethical approach to business. We are committed to making our projects a vehicle for improving the contexts for which they are designed and implemented, thus creating a tangible and lasting value.


Brulli takes care of the construction of both greenfield and brownfield – that is, new construction or repowering, efficiency and refurbishment – of hydroelectric power plants for the production and regulation of the dispatching of grid services such as primary, secondary and tertiary regulation, injection and absorption of reactive power and voltage regulation support, generating rotating inertia in support of alternative and non-regulating energies like wind and solar, operating both as IPP – Independent Power Producer, and as EPC+F – Engineering Procurement Constructor + Financier with associated contracts of LTO&M – Long Term Operation & Maintenance, for any type of hydroelectric plant and range of power.


The other primary area focused by Brulli is the design, construction and management of transmission lines and stations in high and extra high voltage, whether it is new plants and infrastructure to be built, and the repowering, rebuilding and refurbishment of existing lines and electrical stations. This is done through a “turnkey” approach both on a BOT basis – Build Operate and Transfer – and on a traditional basis of EPC+F – Engineering Procurement Constructor + Financier with associated contracts of LTO&M – Long Term Operation & Maintenance.

We strongly believe – and we are directly committed to achieving them – in the milestones promoted by the 2030 Agenda, those that most closely concern our activity. Even today, more than 800 million people – of whom about 70% are women – live in extreme poverty. An idea of sustainable development, therefore, can only start from here: eliminating extreme poverty also means working on the defence of biodiversity, so that respect for the environment becomes, first, respect for mankind and for the earth.


We believe that electricity, as well as continuing to support our current way of life improving efficiency, reducing transmission losses, and facilitating the gradual abandonment of fossil fuels, should also be taken to places where it is not present today and therefore can significantly help the health and everyday life of people, encouraging prudent and sustainable economic growth, with associated jobs and well-being.


For this reason, Brulli is committed to create resilient, inclusive and sustainable infrastructures in transition and developing countries.

This is Brulli’s commitment, and we’re already doing it. Because, more and more, we want a right energy.


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