Water and gravity: these are the two key components of hydroelectric power plants, which Brulli develops, designs, builds, finances, and operates.

Hydroelectric energy is obtained from water, capturing the water inflows from atmospheric precipitation in rivers and catchment basins and bringing them, through canals, tunnels and forced penstock, to hydroelectric plants, where this precious resource is returned to the original riverbeds without any contamination or deterioration and subtraction from initial availability. The catchment basins with regulating capacity included between 2 and 400 hours per year and with seasonal or annual tank with regulation capacity over 400 hours per year accumulate irrigation outflows from both snowfall and rain and then release them with specific discharge and production programmes.


Run-of-the-river plants, with a regulating capacity of less than two hours, on the other hand, create energy by exploiting the natural motion of water streams and rivers. In both cases, mechanical energy is transformed into electricity thanks to hydroelectric plants.

Working all over the world, with services on a 24/7 basis, Brulli intervenes on plants of any type and power including repowering and refurbishment projects of existing plants, necessary to improve efficiency, reliability, and operation. Often, in fact, the Brulli experience, led us to intervene in the completion of plants whose construction and activation, for several reasons, had never been completed: simplicity, in fact, struggles to make its way in contexts where the market, often, it is surrounded by complex and degraded dynamics for various reasons.


We accompany our plants from their conception throughout the entire process, to the complete “full risk” management. How? Thanks to our decades of experience and the skills we have built, step by step, in various fields of application, such as electrical and regulatory disciplines, civil and structural, hydraulic, and environmental.


Brulli Energia hydroelectric:
the right energy.


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