Producing energy wouldn’t be useful if it weren’t brought to where people live and work. Where energy is needed.

For this reason, Brulli develops, designs, builds, finances, and manages high and very high voltage overhead and underground transmission lines, electrical stations air and gas insulated. These include facilities being part of the national transmission grid, user substations, overhead and underground transmission lines and new grid interconnections of any voltage and power.

Thanks to our Long Term Operation & Maintenance service, we guarantee 24/7 the remote management of the plants through our control rooms, manned by highly qualified engineers and technicians and interconnected with the relevant terrestrial and satellite data transmission networks totally redundant in N-1 logic, pursuing and reaching availability levels of plants and lines over 99% per year.


Brulli’s expertise also extends to adapting the grid infrastructure, lines, and stations, to the highest levels of performance and technology, also ensuring support for the correct sizing and operation of plants from continuous and intermittent renewable sources, like solar and wind.

Integrated approach
“one stop shop”

It means that we operate starting from the conceptual bases of a project, carrying out both documentary and site surveys and subsequent instrumental surveys, then carrying out all the design phases of feasibility of the final and executive project. In addition, we also take care of the achievement of the authorization procedures and, where required and deemed appropriate, the finding and provision of financial sources necessary for the implementation, then proceeding with the procurement phase of the necessary machinery and equipment and the execution of all works on site, civil, mechanical, and electromechanical.


It means that, once construction is completed, we guarantee plant management and maintenance activities, providing guarantees of efficiency and reliability.


It means that we are so confident in our technologies and projects that we keep industrial and entrepreneurial risks in our book.


It means that all these activities are carried-out by our staff, with significant multiannual experience gained in the design, testing and commissioning of plants.


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