Financial statements FY 2022

The financial statements of the Italian companies belonging to the BRULLI Group have been approved, pointing-out a Production Value of 6.9 m€ with an Ebitda of 2,7 m€ of which 1.9 m€ non-recurring, and a negative Net Financial Position for 0,3 m€ against an Equity stock of 4.4 m€. The book order has reached the value of 66.3 m€ of which 49,9 m€ is back-log orders. During the AGM, Mr. Gianluca BRUGNONI has been reconfirmed as Chief Executive Officer for the three-year period 2023:2025.

Ultime news

Vajont 60 years later

On the evening of October 9th, 2023, the 60th anniversary of the Vajont disaster, more than 150 theatres in Italy and Europe will join in a choral prayer: each with his voice and his sensibility, all united in the silence of 22:39, the time of the huge disaster. Brulli continues to walk with La Fabbrica del Mondo, a social dissemination tool conceived by Marco Paolini, supporting the project at local level, contributing to “initiating civil prevention practices”. Quoting Gianluca Paoli, Mayor of Bagnolo in Piano, who will direct the narrative: “Today we seem to have feet on another, gigantic, landslide. Will we be able to stop it?”.
See the poster.
Watch video.

“Fabbrica del Mondo” meetings

How much is a cubic meter of water worth? The second edition of the Meetings of the “Fabbrica del Mondo”, an itinerant workshop of ideas and narratives created by Marco Paolini, which will end on September 22 in Trani, began with this question on June 1st in Montegrotto Terme. The theme of the event is water, very dear to BRULLI, supporter of the project as sponsor, and its President Gian Luigi Montorsi intervened as a speaker on the first day of the Meetings.
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Award of Chavonne design

BRULLI in the Temporary Association of Companies with other leading Italian and Swiss engineering companies, has been awarded the final design for the purposes of authorization – as regards the connection to the National High Voltage Transmission Grid at 245 kV – of the repowering of more than 102 MW of the Chavonne hydroelectric plant owned by the company Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque. With this project, BRULLI exceeds the remarkable track record of over 8.4 GW of new connections to the RTN designed in the last three years 2021:2023.

AENcon23 participation

It was held in Addis Ababa the first conference “Africa Energy Now” in which BRULLI contributed with a speech dedicated to the panel “Renewable Energy: Impact to the National Transmission Grid and Dispatching Facilities”: the conference is part of the program called “The Africa-EU Energy Partnership” and saw the presence of several institutional representatives of the countries of Ethiopia and Tanzania with their extensive development plans in the field of renewable energy.

COD of exide HV/MV station

The upgrade of the User Cabin HV/MV to 25 MVA, awarded on EPC basis to BRULLI by the multinational EXIDE Technologies leader in the production of lead batteries for automotive, has been successfully concluded: the intervention was particularly challenging due to very short time outage for the HV and MV grid.

Real time response

At the emergency request from a more than 100-year-old foundry in Lombardy, BRULLI operates to restore the HV electricity supply after the explosion of the MV switchboard in the User Cabin. This enabled the melting furnaces to be reheated after only 13 hours and thus avoided the cooling of the cast iron and the consequent damages of the relevant ladles.


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